Sangkuriang Legend / Mount Tangkuban Parahu Legend (Part Three)

Much writers that give meaning to this legend. But now writer tries to make meaning interpretation and meaning according to concept of intrinsic values burning view "Sundanese" that implied in plot and meaning of each word . This Interpretation has been assessed compare with intrinsic values that implied in old story (poetry) that assumed holy that is poetry Lutung Kasarung and Mundinglaya Dikusuma. Hereunder figured in deskripsi hits everything related to legend mount tangkuban parahu (refer Sundanese [language]):

That means :
SUNGGING = engraving, ornamen.
PERBANGKARA (PRABHANGKARA) = Prabha = light. > 'ng = respect marker, honorifik. > kara = sun.
Its meaning: " Marker from kindliness/[the] truth as [the] clarification light for that correct reading"

That means:
WAYUNGYANG = feeling that is not peaceful, doleful.
Its meaning: "Someone that has stayed in zoological characteristic but has started hesitate and wish become a intact human (with humanity)".

That means :
DANG = respect marker, honorific.
HYANG = occult.
SUMBI = 1) tendok = tool to jab ox nose in order to according to. 2) Part [of] the end of leading-edge from boat as [the] signpost in sailing.
Its meaning: "Occult Guideline as [the] human control in determining direction in navigating its life. Can be meant also as [the] conscience, heart that get God-appointed clarification".

* RARASATI name differ from Dahyang Sumbi.
That means :
RARAS = very fine feeling.
ATI = heart.
Its meaning: "Heart that full of kindness softness because get God light-emission".

That means:
TUMANG = 1) Case that closed (Kawi Language),
2) mangmang = oath (Kawi Language)
TU-MANG-MANG = one who are hit oath because indecisions.
Its meaning: "someone character that always come [from] swear, indecisions, finally eaten its oath by it self, its heart like tightly closed case not get clarification".

That means:
1) SANG = respect marker, honorifik.
2) SANG = respect marker, honorific.
KURIANG < GURU + HYANG = occult ego.
Its meaning: "Sangkuriang = Soul (ego) non significant be at the bottom of growing of awareness of human mental that always get he/she affliction and quality test".

That means :
1) Weave Tool from small bamboo rasher, place of yarn roll (torak);
2) Tool to see something in order to clearer (telescope). Its meaning: "Activity (spirit [of]) human in setting life behavior in order to compiled order in accordance with quality he/she and can see clearly path (vision) its life".

* River CITARUM.
That means:
CI < cai = water.
TARUM = its leaf holly to give old indigo colour (can be black) at cloth/weave yarn.
Its meaning: "Life is uliginous flow in its journey will experience of variated life dipping, bliss, concern and also things negative other as [the] its strength in the idea test".

That means:
SANG = respect marker, honorifik.
HYANG = occult.
TIKORO = channel in neck to breathe and converse (red lane) or channel in neck to eat (throat).
Its meaning: "Human Ability in conversed about any that either nor a bad one and often passed by food don't know lawful or illicit".

* Mount PUTRI.
That means:
PUTRI = girl, beautiful woman pretty, nob.
Its meaning: "Human Character that decorated beauty value and love. Meant as [the] characteristic of femininity (feminine) that full [of] feel affection".

That means:
MANGLAYANG = 1) float
2) MANGLAYANG > PALAYANGAN = Channel for dismissal of pool water/lake.
Its meaning : "Human Ability to cleanse and clean he/she from dirty character".

That means:
UJUNG = final.
BERUNG > NGABERUNG = sort carnal lusts.
Its meaning : "The termination of negative carnal lusts distortion".

* Flower JAKSI .
That means:
1) JAKSI > can be meant = Take the stand .
2) JAKSI = flower of screw pine sycamore.
Its meaning: "Everything that conducted someone finally will take the stand also for he/she".

That means :
BOEH = winding sheet.
RARANG = holy, expensive.
Its meaning: "Altogether will end if one moment will do not want to must wear holy winding sheet, that is the coming of death time maybe in physical or in psychical".

That means :
BUKIT = Form smaller mount.
TUNGGUL = tree fundamental.
Its meaning: "Its people Whoever, rich-impecunious, magnifier nor people small altogether have history fundamental he/she (ancestor) and also have spirit fundamental".

That means:
Its meaning : "Its people Whoever fixed finally there will be its relation/link with clan and society which is on its innings altogether will lose swallowed a period of (sunda language=ngarangrangan)".

That means:
TANGKUBAN = returned.
PARAHU = boat.
Mount TANGKUBAN PARAHU = mount that its form like boat that returned.
Its meaning: "In Sundanese cosmology, mount are meant as [the] human body. Mount Tangkubanparahu are meant as [the] human that is facing down he/she and that designate mood that is confusing remorseful".

That means:
TALAGA = lake.
BANDUNG = 1) boat or two raft units that united and on it made place shelters.
2) BANDUNG> BANDUNG + AN = concerned about, correct reading.
Its meaning: "Talaga are meant as [the] life [of] nature in the world of this. Talaga Bandung = In life [of] in the world of this we boat supposing that in pairs with other creature humanity, properly can develop coexistence, that is life that each other concerned about, each other care of, love, and each other love, interdependency (harmonious interdependence), equaliter ( equivalent by law) and egaliter (equivalent in life)".




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