Sangkuriang Legend / Mount Tangkuban Parahu Legend (Part One)

Sangkuriang legend is one folklore "Sundanese" that expand hereditary. Sundanese by it self is life society in west island jawa, one from many tribe in Indonesia. Story about sangkuriang tell a child that fall in love with its mother by it self, a matter that still relevant with era now so-called oedipus complex, can be interpreted a boy that take a fancy to woman that have an age older.
Let's together correct reading story sangkuriang following.

In a word its plot as follows:

in the past in an empire a king that called SUNGGING PERBANGKARA, he’s very authoritative, wisdom, and very fond of hunt. One day king SUNGGING PERBANGKARA goes hunt into forest, in the middle of forest the king urinates and accomodated in coconut shell of coconut. one female forest pigtail called WAYUNGYANG is being done penance wanted to be human drinked mentioned urine water. Wayungyang pregnancy, and bear a very beautiful baby.

That beautiful Baby is brought to empire its father and called DAHYANG SUMBI or RARASATI. much kings that propose marriage to it, but a even also nothing that accepted. Finally kings each other battles among its humanity. Dahyang Sumbi even also to the its desire by it self detach it-self in a hill is accompanied a dog male that is the TUMANG.

When is engrossing weave, TOROPONG (torak/traditional weaver) is being used cloth weave are fallen downwards. Dahyang Sumbi because feel slack, thrown utterance without thought first, she promises and swears whoever that take TOROPONG (torak/traditional weaver) that fallen if men, will be made its husband. The Tumang takes TOROPONG (torak/traditional weaver) and given to Dahyang Sumbi. Dahyang Sumbi confuses by oath that has been said because she does not suspect the Tumang that take TOROPONG (torak/traditional weaver) referred [as]. Finally to the its oath referred [as] them marry and bear men baby is called SANGKURIANG.

day on alternate days, year changes year Sangkuriang bolts adolescent. One day the mother (Dahyang sumbi) thirst for eat heart of a deer, then Sangkuriang go to hunt a deer into forest.

When he hunt in the forest Sangkuriang errand the Tumang to hunt female pig Wayungyang. Because the Tumang not according to, then Tumang killed by Sangkuriang. Sangkuriang confuses unassisted Tumang how can he can get a deer. But he not run out of his mind, then body Tumang is torn and its heart are taken for given to his mother.

At arrival in house, Heart the Tumang by Sangkuriang given to Dahyang Sumbi, because anxious for heart deer then Dahyang Sumbi cooked heart are referred [as] and last eat it she not knows that heart are referred [as] is heart Tumang her husband.

After Dahyang Sumbi knows that already she eating is heart the Tumang, its enragement even also culminates at moment's notice HEAD Sangkuriang are beated with ladle until hurt. Disappointed Sangkuriang walk off his mother, and wanders encircle world. …..To be Continue to part two



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