Sangkuriang Legend / Mount Tangkuban Parahu Legend (Part Two)

For years he wanders pass desert, across ocean, forged by nature until Sangkuriang turns into adult man that looker and strong and heroic. After many years go to the east finally his arrived at starting points his goes, and unconsciously free station Dahyang Sumbi remain, its mother place exists.

told that though Dahyang sumbi already have an age nevertheless in physical nothing that changes, remain to be ageless, excite, beautiful and interesting.

Sangkuriang do not know that beautiful princess that advent is Dahyang Sumbi also Dahyang sumbi do not know that man is referred [as] is her son. Intertwin love story among both that mankind. Without intentionally Dahyang Sumbi know that Sangkuriang is her son, caused not intentionally Dahyang sumbi sees ex hurt at Sangkuriang’s head. Although during Sangkuriang remain to force to marry her.
Dahyang Sumbi asks in order to Sangkuriang makes A BIG BOAT and TALAGA (lake) in one at night by barricade river CITARUM. Sangkuriang promise it.

Then Sangkuriang makes A BIG BOAT from a tree that grow in EAST, that later tree stubble referred turn into mount BUKIT TUNGGUL, its stick is stacked beside WEST and become mount BURANGRANG. When barrage can be finish, Dahyang Sumbi pray and requests to Hyang Maha Gaib (God) in order to intention Sangkuriang is not realized.
Dahyang Sumbi spread outs slice BOEH RARANG (white weave cloth, jacquards result of Dahyang sumbi), so as that also dawn even also rises. Sangkuriang becomes irate, culminated its enragement, barrage that reside in SANGHYANG TIKORO is destroyed, river stream cork Citarum are referred [as] thrown eastwards and transform become Gunung MANGLAYANG.
Lake water even also becomes ebb [again]. Boat that conducted crucially kick northwards and change form becomes MOUNT TANGKUBAN PARAHU. Sangkuriang even also pursues sudden Dahyang Sumbi, but Dahyang Sumbi disappears in Mount PUTRI and turn into a stick of JAKSI Flower. As for Sangkuriang after reach a place so-called with UJUNG BERUNG finally disappear to occult nature (NGAHIYANG in Sundanese [language]).

The above is true story of Sangkuriang, this legend so coherents at Sundanese society because if readers go to Indonesia precisely in island jawa in city Bandung, then you can see mount and historic places that written at legend above (Mount Tangkuban Parahu, Mount Bukit Tunggul, Mount Burangrang, Mount Manglayang, Citarum River, Sanghyang Tikoro, Mount Putri, and Ujung berung). This Legend interconnected also with history ancient Bandung Lake that ever formed millions of past year.

This legend Story so full of message moralize that maybe has been relevant with at this time although this story already there is thousands of year, for example shall be as follows.

told above a king go hunt to forest, in the middle of his journey his urinates and his urine water drink by one female forest pigtail until she pregnancy. In fact this condition expressed someone that had power always gets what they want. a lot of also a functionary that braid Affair with its staff till have child (in east culture specially Sundanese, this condition very taboo and embarrass if someone have child without marry).

Dahyang sumbi marries with a black dog called Tumang. Dog is custodian then Tumang can be interpreted a bodyguard. This condition was very relevant with at this time because at this time much womans that exactly its social acceptability higher than its man couple. Even much womans that become man controller or can be interpreted woman that work and man in house manages and enlarges child, maybe in story above has been forecasted women emancipation.

Sangkuriang loves His mother, and wish marry her. This condition can be interpreted someone that experience of Oedipus Complex. ...To be continued to Part Three

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modin70 mengatakan...

thank you for helping me know the story

Agil mengatakan...

youre welcome....

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